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OOC ☠ HMD/Information

How am I doing with Ryoko? Let me know by commenting here. All comments are screened.

For background on her AU - she's following the manga canon, with the exception of being born female instead of male. This change mostly affects her relationships with her friends back home; she's much closer to Anzu than canon Bakura is, and Honda and Jounouchi are both not quite sure what to think of her. (She remains, however, gamer buddies with Yuugi.) For the most part, she remains a socially awkward, completely oblivious nerdy derp with a penchant for model-building, really creepy/occult stuff, and tabletop RPGs.

Her canon point's just barely pre-MW arc, though she's arriving in [profile] lilydressing sans her Ring. Maybe it will show up someday. Who knows.